Course in Social Work Program

Subjects : SW111 Social Work Philosophy and Concepts, SW112 Social Work Professional Ethics, SW113 Social Welfare and Human Security, SW221 Human Behavioral Dynamics in Changing Society, SW222 Social Change and Social Problems, SW223 Educational Theories and Social Development, SW231 Social Work Quantitative Research, SW241 Social Work Methodology 1, SW242 Social Work Methodology 2, SW243 Social Work Counseling, SW331 Social Work Qualitative Research, SW341 Social Work Methodology 3, SW342 Laws in Social Work Practice, SW361 Local Social Welfare, SW362 Social Work in Vulnerable Groups, SW441 Social Work Seminar, SW442 Social Welfare Project Formulation and Development,

SW221 ASEAN Community and Social Welfare, SW261 Social Welfare for Elderly, SW321 Multiculturalism and Social Work Profession, SW343 Information System and Technology in Social Work, SW344 Holistic Care for Elderly, SW345 Elderly Welfare Administration and Planning, SW346 Human Resource Management and Labor Development in ASEAN, SW363 Child, Youth and Family Welfare, SW364 Industrial Social Work and Labor Welfare, SW365 Social Work and Criminal Justice, SW366 Social Entrepreneurship of Elderly, SW421 Family Life, Sex Education and Sexual Ethics, SW431 Research in Project Development for Children and Youths, SW432 Participatory Action Research in Social Work, SW433 Social, Health and Environmental Impact Assessment, SW443 Knowledge Management in Social Work, SW444 Comparative Social Welfare Policies in ASEAN, SW461 Social Work Issues in ASEAN, SW462 Local-based Disaster Management, SW463 Alternative Economy for Social Development

SW291 Field Visits and Seminars, SW292 Field Professional Experience in Social Work1, SW391 Field Professional Experience in Social Work 2, SW491 Field Professional Experience in Social Work 3