Course in Community Development Program

ANT111                     Principles of Anthropology

SOC111                     Principles of Sociology

SOC122                    Thai Family and Community

SOC123                    Personality Development for Developers

SOC125                    Good Governance and Ethics of Developer

SOC131                     Theory and Principles of Community Development

SOC212                    Thai society and Culture

SOC214                    Community Study

SS221                      Laws for Development

SOC221                    Social Welfare  Management in Locality

SOC224                   Social Work for Development

SOC229                   Social and Cultural Capital

SS231                      Proactive Relation in Community Development

SOC232                   Principles and Process of Community Development

SS232                     Office for Community Development

SOC234                   The Development of Group and Individual Competence

SOC238                   Psychology  for Community Development

SOC239                   Local Government and Community Development

SOC324                   Human Resource Development in Community Development

SOC327                   Community Development Project Planning and Management

SOC332                   Leadership in Community Development

SOC338                   Development for the Elderly

SOC339                   Sustainable Development

SOC342                   Community Organization and Community Network Development

SOC343                   Local Wisdom and Development

SOC391                    Preparation for Professional Experience in Community Development

SOC392                   Field Professional Experience in Community Development

SS431                      Social Etiquette and Emotional Quotient

SOC431                    Community Problems Analysis and Solution

SOC434                   Appropriate Technology for Local Life

SS491                      Social Science Research Methodology

SOC491                    Seminar on Community Development Problems

SS492                     Statistics for Social Science Research

SOC492                   Participatory Techinques Research

SOC498                   Co-operative Education Preparation in Community Development

SOC499                   Co-operative Education in Community Development